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With our Act! Cloud Hosting you can protect your Act! database and Sync directly to the cloud. Only with eXact Contacts.

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Why is RTG & eXact Contacts Sync Faster

Remote Tech Group's Act! Cloud hosting and eXact Contacts provides the fastest possible Act! data sync for mobile devices. The reason is that eXact Contacts does not use a middle man cloud to deliver the data to the mobile devices. When your mobile device syncs eXact Contacts it syncs directly with the Act! database. This Total Control is one of the reasons that larger corporations choose eXact Contact over the other leading mobile app solution.

About Remote Tech Group

RTG is one of the most reliable Act! cloud hosting Act! partners. RTG has been providing Act! hosting services since ACT! 5 (2002), and RTG has made capital investments in its business to ensure that RTG delivers the best performance in Act! Hosting. RTG has been the Act! Certified consultants choice of Act! hosting services for many years. RTG is the only hosting company to develop a Mobile app for Act! and the only Act Hosting partner to develop a DIY web portal for Act! Hosting.

Q: How much does it cost to have my Act! database & eXact Contacts hosted with RTG?

A: $35 per user per month. RTG

Q: Whats included in RTG's Hosting offering

A: Act! Premium Sync, Web and eXact Contacts

Q: How do I get started with RTG and the Act! Cloud Hosting?

A: Check out the website, call or select a plan from the website.

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