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eXact Contacts For ACT! Sync app FAQ's

Q: Do you have any best Practices that I should read?

A: Why, Yes we do:
Best Practices for ACT! while using eXact Contacts
Best Practices for Setting Up eXact Contacts for ACT! Sync Server
Best Practices for Custom Fields
Best Practices for Setting up New Devices

Q: What is eXact Contacts for ACT!?

A: It's the Ultimate Experience of ACT! on a iPhone and iPad. Designed by people who get how mobile app should work.

Q: Is eXact Contacts for ACT! a Monthly Service?

A: No, eXact Contacts for ACT! is a traditional software purchase just like ACT!.

Q: Once I purchase eXact Contacts for ACT!, do I get free updates for ever?

A: No, the first year of updates are included. To get updates after your 1 year purchase date, you will need to purchase eXact Contacts for ACT! software assurance. Which is $35 per user, per year.

Q: What does eXact Contacts for ACT! cost?

A: eXact Contacts for ACT! will come in two flavors Basic and Pro. Basic = $69.99 per named ACT! username, allows 2 device each user Pro = $99.99 per named ACT! username, allows 2 device each user

Q: What is the difference between eXact Contacts for ACT! & eXact Contacts for ACT! Pro?

A: eXact Contacts for ACT! ( aka basic) features Contacts, Notes, Histories & Activities. eXact Contacts for ACT! Pro features Contacts, Notes, Histories, Activities & Opportunities. We plan to add Groups and Companies as well.

Q: When will eXact Contacts for ACT! Pro be available?

A: We are actively working to deliver pro, but no official release date has been set.

Q: Do you plan to support Android or other platforms?

A: That depends on the success of eXact Contacts for ACT! on the iOS platform. We want to complete our planed feature set on the iOS platform before we start focusing on another platform.

Q: Can you explain the diffrences between eXact Contacts for ACT!, Handheld contact's "HHC for the iPhone", Sage Connect for ACT! , ACT! Premium Mobile?

A: Yes we could. But do this, if the other products offer a trial, do the trial. May the best product win. If they don't offer a trial, its probably not worth your time.

Q: What version of ACT! does eXact Contacts for ACT! support?

A: ACT! Pro/basic or Premium 2010 or higher ( V12.1 + )

Q: What version of Windows does eXact Contacts for ACT! support?

A: Windows® XP SP3 (32-bit only), Windows Server® 2003 SP2 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows Vista® SP2 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows Server 2008 SP2 (32-bit and 64-bit) Windows 7 SP2 Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate (32-bit and 64-bit). We are currently testing Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.

Q: Are there any prerequisites that should be installed on my PC/Server before I install eXact Contacts for ACT!?

A: Yes, just one. Microsoft.Net Version 4.x - Download It Here

Q: What is installed on my PC/Server?

A: eXact Contacts for ACT! Sync Service runs as a Windows Service. Other supporting dependance include SQL compact 4.0.

Q: Do I have to connect my device to my computer to sync?

A: No, eXact Contacts for ACT! syncs via network protocols, local WiFi is required.

Q: Can I sync eXact Contacts for ACT! on my device while I'm out of my office, with ACT! back in my office?

A: Yes, we even tested eXact Contacts for ACT! syncing across 3G. In order to sync you will need to setup a port forward for the service. Its best to have your IT person do this, or contact our tech support.

Q: What iOS devices do you support?

A: We support any device that runs iOS 5 or higher.

Q: How many ACT! contacts can I sync to my device?

A: We have tested 6,000 ACT! Contacts. We have customers syncing 20,000 Contacts

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